New Trends
New Brands

EUHOFA International 54th Congress
Berlin, Germany

November 8–13, 2015 Berlin, Germany

The Congress

The 2015 EUHOFA International Congress in Berlin is a great challenge and a big responsibility, both of which we are aware of. We thank you for the trust you have put in us! The congresses of recent years have all been perfectly organised and executed to a very high level, without exception.

Every congress needs a motto! For this year’s congress the Dutch have gone for ‘‘Service quality and design’’. It’s very clever, as they have merely drawn on what actually sets themselves apart, their virtues – organisational skills, customer service, cosmopolitanism, friendliness and academic ability.

But what are said to be German virtues, and especially those of Berlin? According to Wikipedia they include: hard work and responsibility, modesty, discipline, obedience, orderliness, conscientiousness, punctuality and integrity – in some cases not quite without controversy!? What is it then that makes Berlin stand out as the congress city for 2015? It is the modern Berlin that has grown into a European metropolis in recent years.

A city which is viewed in a much more positive light internationally since the World Cup in 2006, and has itself seen a large increase in the number of overnight stays and restaurants.

EUHOFA Congress 2015 in Berlin — the movie

Berlin – You need to know that

NEW TRENDS NEW BRANDS is the motto for EUHOFA Congress, which takes place in November 2015 in Berlin. Berlin as Germany’s capital can measure up to this motto as a great metropolis that has undergone significant development at break-neck speed since the wall came down 25 years ago. Nearly every day there are hotel openings and as I could be present at each one of them in the beginning of my professional career as the principal of Berlin Hotel Management School, today my capacities to attend every single one do simply not stretch to cover even half of them, as there are so many. Thus, when walking the streets of Berlin, I often happen upon a new hotel or a new hotel chain I didn’t know about before, or I hear about a number of new Michelin star quality restaurants from the media.

The Wall: Berlin's Most Thrilling Breakthrough

On the evening of 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Countless Berliners from East and West wrote history that night. They climbed over the concrete walls, poured through the narrow border crossing, put their backs into chipping away at the Wall and took back the whole of their city. Images of this historic event went around the world.

Now, 25 years later, Berlin is no longer a divided city, but a world metropolis. Millions of visitors have since made their way to the German capital to witness these changes. How have Berliners transformed their city since 1989? It's now a hub of creativity, a vibrant metropolis and the setting of so much history. After the Berlin Wall fell, new spaces became available - brownfield sites that the city's residents and visitors have claimed as their own to express their creative freedom: from the arts scene in Brunnenstraße, start-up companies around Moritzplatz and even something as simple as access to the River Spree.

Berlin today - a place of ideas, inspiration and vision. Berlin. 25 years later. Welcome!


What do international hotel schools have to consider in the future, teaching their students contemporary content to keep up to date and to be ready for contemporary challenges of our branch? In this context we will explore together what Berlin offers to us in terms of our branch and how to integrate expectations of our branch regarding specific trends (e.g. digitalization, green hotel concepts and other) into our curricula and consequently how to conduct continuous professional development of teachers. In addition, Euhofa member schools are invited to share their experiences/knowledge by collaborating in ways beneficial both to students and teachers and last but not least to the branch.

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Below you find more information ad PDF-files:



Dear sponsors of Berlin Hotel Management school!

We would like to say thank-you for your great support of the Euhofa International Congress 2015 taking place in Berlin. To show our gratefulness we will publish your logo on our website and on future invitations to Hofa events.

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